Summerhouse comfort, excluding hustle and loans

Modular houses are light frame construction buildings that can be quickly and easily transported to any beautiful spot of land you choose. The convenient size and functional design allows using modular buildings as houses or even modern looking saunas.


All perks of a regular home

A modular house can bring you joy all year round. It is usually connected to available water and electricity supply. The modular house is isolated using mineral wool to make it warm and cozy. For perfection, you can also install a fireplace or another heating option. We can help you create a fully functioning house even in the most remote location by designing a custom solution for water reservoirs or wastewater, planning electricity supply and addressing any other need you have.

Easy to build in any location

We manufacture modular houses that can be up to 8 m long, 3.5 m wide and 3.5 m tall. That’s an optimal size that allows for easy transportation, and as an extra bonus it does not disturb the chosen landscape. We will build the modular house on your piece of land in one day, all you need to prepare is the level base that can be made of tiles, gravel, concrete poles, or other foundation suitable for a light construction.

Aesthetics and comfort

The contemporary minimalistic design of the building makes you feel like you’re the architect. Made of natural wood, the compact house with a gable roof neutrally adapts to any environment, may it be an open plain or a tight forest. This gives you more options to choose from when you’re picking the location. You can also choose your exterior finish, the orientation of the windows, as well as the layout inside. You have enough room to design a loft bedroom or make your other ideas come true – this is the place and time for exactly that.

Key benefits

  • Light and mobile
  • Takes one day to build it
  • Heat and cold resistant


Rises up in one day

Modular sauna is an amazing choice if you want to own a modern quality sauna, but also have it built quickly and without disturbing the serenity of others. We manufacture the building construction in our workshop and then transport the ready modular sauna to your location, where it is built and secured in a single day. You will not even notice how simple and quick it was to make your dream of a personal sauna come true.

Elegant and modern design

The gable roof minimalist sauna is an attractive building made of natural wood and looking beautiful everywhere: in nature, next to traditional architecture or more contemporary buildings. You will choose the finish on the inside and outside, as well as the layout of your modular sauna.

Tall ceiling and space for relaxation

Modular sauna ensures comfort regardless of the season. The building is made of natural wood that allows it to breathe better and doesn’t allow for the moisture to collect. Ceiling as high as 3.5 m creates a nice vertical space, but there’s plenty of room on the floor too – for a changing room, tea zone, shower and WC.

Key benefits

  • Easy to transport and reinstall
  • Up to 28 m² of space, up to 3.5 m ceiling
  • Protected from heat and cold